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As her only I’m eyed. She’s admired from afar. The being intangible veritably captured my sight visually. Her magnetic personality it’s enthralling on me.

Am craved her. Wanted near to be around her that could touch to feel and thus just get an instant evanished memento from her. But I could not do it. So she shouldn’t know that I’m heeding her.

Morning time all ways she stood at bus station, and eyed mulled over of her as the rising Sun-rays sparklingly make dances on her graceful outer beings. Overwhelming desire
I felt for unobserved slip nearby; get a sniff off her sweet fragrance. Preferably didn’t do it, void her from panic. Although I would have love to, if we share something it’s between us.

Could have like to know her closer personally; her thoughts, feelings. Would love to feel the interaction between us; touch, experience her embracing. Knowing
thus, how she feels about me.

My! Thy woman around lustrum; on her skin tender breeze smoothing, as flickered she’s hair. While me rather in the background I’m stayed, at the shade defense, imperceptibly. And onward as well heed her from afar.

In an unguarded moment came to me that overwhelming thought, it’s what incline, for approach from the haze
and reach to her. Had a yearning her for touching. Many times thinking of what would be, if once just step to her for talk… 

Though it’s, and I didn’t pursue. Just could not do it!

Insurmountable spoiler distance between us – because she was life, I’m only from shadow’s realm an observer.
Did choose she’s for myself. Is aware of I will be who shortly conceive in her womb’s cradle.

Translation by Laszlo Viemann 



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